1. Bridget

    Very true thoughts, George. Love how true and simple this is, yet such a reminder is always needed. Funny, but sadly true story – my new school just rolled out 1:1 this year. The school my daughter and I came from has been 1:1 for a few years now, so when asked how excited she was about 1:1 day in a circle up discussion she responded, “Not really that much. I would rather just write with pencil and paper.” Everyone thought it was funny coming from MY daughter; however, I was a little shocked! Her teacher and I asked her to explain because I thought, I bet she was forced to use all digital last year. Sure enough, she was. Not having that choice really bothered her. This is why it is so important to always give our kids choice in the tool used. I LOVE LOVE that your post addresses this from both sides techie and non-techie preference! It is always an enlightening experience reading your blog!

  2. […] This same choice is also important for adults.  I have watched adult learners in sessions have a mobile device, laptop, and pencil and paper, and choose the latter of the three for the majority of the time.  This reminds me that this same notion is true for our students. It is not about using devices all of the time, but having access which really makes a difference. […]

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