1. Bridget

    Thank you, George, for sharing this information!! I have often asked these same questions about how you get your “stuff” so this is great to have! I’ve used Feedly for a reader, but I explored Inoreader after reading this and LOVE it. It is very user friendly and I love being able to share directly from the site. I love Tweetdeck as well! I think that is how I find things to share, really. There are so many great hashtags out there with people that share amazing things. The learning opportunities are endless when you follow great hashtags, so thanks for sending the list from Jerry Blumengarten! I can add some new ones to my list. As always, you are an incredible wealth of knowledge. Thanks for always sharing! 🙂

  2. Great share George! I agree that Zite is one of the best ways I find the content I share. It’s been purchased by Flipboard some time ago and hopefully doesn’t disappear as a result. I use Feedly as my RSS reader of choice. It also has easy sharing to social media sites. I share most of my finds via my Ipads in Education http://www.scoop.it/t/ipads-in-education or Professional Learning for Busy Educators http://www.scoop.it/t/professional-learning-for-busy-educators pages on Scoop.it which has a nice feature to share to Twitter and LinkedIn automatically. I find the visual aspect of Scoop.it makes it very easy to quickly find the content I wish to learn more about.

  3. […] 3 Ways to Curate and Share Great Content | The Principal of Change In this information-rich world learning to filter information is important. George Couros discusses how he sets about curating and sharing the work of others. ” I have been blessed with a huge network on social media and I want to use that to not only share my voice, but hopefully the voice of others as well” […]

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