1. Kara Brem

    Thank you for this post. It’s very powerful and really models how admins can support staff and students with tech but not hide behind it.

  2. lisa noble

    Thanks so much to you and Bill for helping me look past the “good answers”, which I really like, to the better answers, which are what I rather desperately need and want. I think sometimes the first list can be doorways to the 2nd. I continue to strive to build community with my parents, students and colleagues in a multitude of ways. I would be dancing in the halls if an admin responded to my weekly blog post. 😉 I think there is a real hunger for connection out there.

  3. Sheila

    Thanks for this post! I know I appreciate comments from parents (and my 2nd/3rd grade students) when I post information on weekly blog. It is good practice to use all around.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to write this post. I love your “better” list. Many teachers and administrators don’t see much use for technology beyond sending emails. Do you have any suggestions for teachers who would like to expand their use of technology, but find themselves working under administrators who see little use for it (or who say there is no money, time, etc.)?
    Thanks in advance for any reply!

  5. Lyndon Baines

    Excellent piece of literature and thought provoking remarks. I have posted this on our Lunchroom bulletin board.

  6. Cecile McVittie

    Thanks, George! I appreciate the “better” list, but wonder how to deal with leaders who use their skills in technology to hide rather than connect? I’ve experienced leaders who do all the best things with technology, but are terribly flawed in their ability to authentically and honestly connect with teachers, parents and students in person. It can be incredibly disheartening and even destructive. Now I look for and try to ensure bbalance. Can a leader use technology effectively while maintaining relationships in the real world? Technology skills shouldn’t be the mask hiding a lack of people skills.

    • George

      Totally agree…we are not much of a “connected educator”, if we cannot connect in our own organizations. Thank you for the reminder!

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