1. It takes tremendous confidence and belief in oneself to actively try to make a difference to those around us, but you’re right. We can, and so can our students. Great video find, George!

  2. Faige Meller

    What an important reminder, a George. It’s the little things that mean so much to someone. Video really hits home

  3. I totally agree with this perspective George and really want to share this with my teachers and students this year. I know Darren Kuropatwa has also been focusing on discussions about “citizenship” rather than anti-bullying… Discussing how we make contributions, not just a series of “you can’t do this” messages.

  4. Maruja

    Me parece bello, cualquiera lo comprende y se anima a enseñarles a otros la forma adecuada de ser, vivir y compartir. George, I agree with you. I will share.

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  6. Amy Stephenson

    The video says it all. There are no need for words. Words would only muddle the message. Great choice.

  7. […] George Couros summed it up beautifully when he challenged the limitation of citizenship in the digital age, flipping it on its head through the lens of leadership. Such an approach empowers anyone with a smartphone, and a positive message that can change the world. I left his talk at iPadpalooza a little dizzy because really, what he was focusing on was so simple. I think that’s what made it so inspiring, that like many times with amazing ideas, it was “so obvious“. […]

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