1. The Diwali

    I will leave you with this.
    I happened to read a diary of a doctor . They are struggled with the loss of their Noble Title and their life-time dedication to knowledge and Sevices for being controlled or managed by the less educated HMO, health management organization, aka their bosses. They no longer see them as doctors but assembly worker or technician for they no longer are able to diagnose their patients based on their will and knowledge or philosophy. All they do is follow a preset protocol blood test X-ray ultra sounds ct scan MRI, etc. they almost quit their jobs. Then finally they concluded: we may not be part of solution but we are all part of the problem. We used to be respected by our Noble tiles and work and contribution but we lost it because we took it for granted or or keep our eyes off the target. Regardless we learned and we will get it back by thinking, talking and acting like the Nobles: We are what we think we do for it is not fun to be managed or controlled. Free minds free people. That is what has been and will be.

  2. Jolene

    George- I really like this idea. I’ve often thought of blogging, but the idea of an audience is a bit daunting. However, if it is within your own school context it could be a really valuable tool. I see the power in reflecting before you contribute as often when asked at staff meetings you react rather than really contemplate the situation. Neat idea!

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