1. Thanks for sharing initiatives that can help us move forward in our schools. As I’ve moved further in my journey, I have started to move away from talk of tools toward talk of deeper changes in education that help students to own their learning and live as literate citizens in this digital world like you’ve discussed here. I’ve been thinking a lot about digital portfolios. Sites like Kidblog are wonderful to use, but are students always able to keep this work to illustrate their growth and remember important ideas they once considered? Having a space for student work to be saved in a way they maintain ownership is something important to consider. That being said, when I think about my own life as digital citizen I use a variety of “containers” for keeping track of my thinking, collecting links integral in my learning, the images that are significant, and for pieces I’ve shared to live publicly. Something makes me keep wondering if portfolio is old thinking we need to reconsider, perhaps rethink, and possibly even move beyond. There is a powerful reflection piece possible in looking at work over time that, of course, can’t be overlooked. I don’t know….the thought just keeps gnawing at me.


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