1. The Diwali

    I always appreciate your insights, George. With all the scientific findings that backs every child is individual and children learn in time not all times schools stir are being built and structured based on history regardlessly. There is a work out there done by Doctor William Glassgov, Progress and child development based.

    The current practice is like we throw our modified athletes into NBA and expect them to perform. Some will make it but with many bruises and abnormalities and many would be hurt.

  2. Valerie

    I remembered during my first two years of teaching, I was asking my students to do their project with the exact same medium. Obviously, it didn’t work for many of my students. As soon as I’m giving them choice, I’m always blown away by some of them with what they will create. I have noticed that when you offer choices to students, they feel more comfortable to approach you with other ways to do it too. Then, we have a nice discussion on why their way will work too. How awesome is that for their self-esteem?

    Great post! Thanks George!

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