1. The Diwali

    Perfect! That is the main reason schools leave many kids out of learning as the World Multi-billionaire leaves Warren Buffett his thought for generations followed to think: The reason I’m so successful simply because I only have to complete with only a quarter of the world population!

    Like a growing tree if we try to form and firm the shape of the tree irrationally or too soon the tree would grow out of norm or abnormal as reflected in another world scientist Albert Einstein’s writings: every child is a genius. But if we measure a fish by its ability to climb a tree they will live the rest of their life believing they are idiot. Einstein’s famous work is only about relative science or physics but in school they practice or prescribe any program based in absolute science or ideology or party-oriented. This practice must find a way to stop itself or we are draining our human mind as reflected in the following Excerpt written by An Space Engineering science student:

    Many men long to explore outer space,
    But very few explore inner space.
    A human mind is a vast void,
    A void in serious need of exploration.

    Children grow on their own pace, they learn in time not on time. Expect every child to learn the same curriculum at the same pace at the same time and everyone has to graduate HS at 18 is simply unwise.

    George for the President, perfect post. Thanks for sharing.

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