1. George, I’m sure dozens of people reading this might think this post is directed to them, as I do, right now because this truly resonates. I feel that I am at a point where I am frustrated with myself for not being somewhere I think I should be. Thank you for the reminder in the words “grow”, “serve”, “risk” and the idea of “emotional connection” — the true hallmarks of leadership.

  2. hi!
    Keep reading your great posts and getting inspired for my next assignment as an edtech coach. I would love to find out more about how to get rid of procedures, standards, policy and make space for change… For instance, I agree with the ISTE Standards but I don’t want teachers to have to spend hours justifying, in curriculum documents, that they are following them… We are often obliged to conform to such standards which, in a way, take us away from innovation. Should we have a Twitter chat about this?

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  4. Kevin Mowat

    As I reflect on my 40th year as an educator, I am amazed and certainly heartened of the changes that have occurred in teaching and learning over these last 4 decades. Our raison d’être remains “the students we serve”. @kevmowat

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