1. Such an important reminder, George. Almost everyone can think list teachers in their lives who made a difference. We really DO make a difference — and pretty much everyone knows it.

    Yet we get gutted in the press time and time again. People try to paint us as failures — and our profession as a complete joke.

    So what are we doing wrong? There has to be a PR lesson in here somewhere. When people believe in individual teachers and yet remain convinced that we are failures as a whole, there’s a problem.

    Hope you are well,

  2. Great reminder, George! I don’t know of anyone who became a teacher that did not have stories about those who inspired them.
    On the flip side, as a teacher and principal, I have many students as well as colleagues who inspire me everyday. When I see 7th grade boys who show tolerance and acceptance of a new and quite quirky middle school student their maturity and compassion are such an inspiration, for example. Though some days make you wonder why you chose this profession, the reward that comes from seeing the growth in the kids- and I don’t just mean test scores!- is the true reward! Thanks for the reminder to remember those who have impacted our lives.

  3. Lisa jones

    As a teacher currently on strike, I am thinking of my students every day, and wishing I could be back in the classroom. I feel like I am missing so many opportunities to be there for them.

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