1. Honestly, I love everything about this. Change is easy when we’re asking someone else to do it. When it comes to ourselves, even if we want to change, it is often difficult. But, like you said, to overcome challenges and adversity makes the story more interesting, and more meaningful. As teachers, we are faced with tremendous challenges every day, but without those, our jobs would not be nearly as rewarding.

  2. thank you for sharing. I love everything in it. Knowing changes you. Understanding changes the world. Mom is always mom. Mom does everything for her children as teachers do to their students. If you don’t see it yet you have not changed anything yet. There is a song out there with the lyrics goes like this Everything can change every moment. Have you noticed a change in you yet?

    No one said clearer and louder than you are not in classroom day in day out you would say things easily. It is like a general comanding his troops from the distance control tower or high altitude helicopter. But once he is on ground his attitude change. So idealistic without reality check is a prescription to failure.

    Nevertheless I like the idea of mom in the perspective: even when all of our freedom is taken away we still have the most freedom of all that on one can take it away from us that is the freedom to choose who we wants to be.

  3. Tom Olverson

    Actually, being a realist is critical to change. Too often our mythologies prevent us from seeing reality. When I interview potential head candidates, I want to see if they are learners, which in turn, means that they have a level of objectivity. The only thing preventing positive change is poor leadership.

  4. Matthew Oldridge

    Regarding “constraints as a barrier”, Dr. Cathy Bruce wrote something like, “there’s needs to be a box before we can think outside of it”. Sometimes the format, like a 6 second video, is exactly the constraint needed to get ideas out there…

  5. This is a strong consideration within entrepreneurial education. There are some people that have great ideas, but there are other people that have great ideas that have the foresight to see how they can be different and as a result be special.

    Adversity is something people need to get over at this point in their lives. The way the economy actually looks students are either going to have to pursue a trade [since all those who did previously are now retiring] or start their own businesses. Starting your own business is nothing but adversity, but as they say “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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