1. I suspect educators are some of the worst at balancing the work-life relationship. It’s so hard to shut it off, it can be consuming when you have 50, 100, or more students to worry about. And worry we do, about their personal growth, their academic growth, their social growth, our role in all of that growth – are we doing it right, did we forget something, miss something, push too far? But you are right, sometimes I gaze out at my class and I say, just stop, let’s go, let’s take a walk and no, there’s no hidden agenda, we aren’t going to use leafsnap to study plants, or collect marine life at the dock, we’re just going to talk. Then I remember, the AP exam is coming up and the whip cracks and back on the wheel we go. So yes, sometimes we should just let some things be for fun. 🙂

  2. bryan

    Agreed. Not only is teaching probably the most difficult to balance but also knowing how much time a task really takes is key. I am someone who need space to think and reflect. in my current teaching position I feel like I am putting out fires with extra assignments. The kicker is that these are many times things that I enjoy so it’s a trade off. Like most teachers I am looking forward to the summer to recover my personal time.

  3. Andrea Markusich

    I love the comments above. I am not an educator as a career, however I am raising 4 boys so I am informally an educator:) I am so amazed by the commitment educators have to the success academically AND socially to their students.
    At my sons’ school we have a monthly cafe where we gather with other parents and the principal and discuss a topic of interest. This week was “how much do we enforce learning and how much do we just relax and play–or put another way, what is balance? When I see the learning goals of the school for OUR children I feel a responsibility to work at home to move that forward, yet sometimes we just need to drop everything and play at the park.
    Not only that, our children are aware how they rank with their peers, so it’s seems there is always a pressure present to move faster and improve.
    It was a great discussion. If we are striving for growth all the time, which is a great mindset to have, it doesn’t make it easy for us to put our feet up and relax!

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