1. Nadia Hillman

    Aligning all the processes of a school with what we want for our students is key! Thanks for illustrating best practices for professional learning. Come to think of it we should really stop calling it professional learning. What’s the difference really between adult learning and student learning. Nothing. When it’s good, it works and builds the capacity of the individual (adult or child) to engage more effectively with the world.

  2. Reena Saxena

    Relevance of the subject to the individual’s needs, and giving something that can be applied, will always matter to an adult.

    if they are in the wrong classroom, well….. the best of techniques cannot help.

  3. It feels like there’s a change going on these days, where PD is becoming something that’s led by teachers, not imposed by someone else who parachutes in and then parachutes out. Exciting stuff!

    The best professional development I ever did as a teacher, by far, was attending a math teachers group led by the Galileo Educational Network. There were a lot of reasons why it was amazing, but the one I remember most is we actually got to do math in addition to talk about how to teach it. The chance to slow down, step into the shoes of our students and really reflect on why certain approaches worked better or worse was invaluable. Plus it was so much fun – the second best part of my week (the best was getting to do all the cool things I had learned with my students!).

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