1. S. Willy

    This was an emotional post for me George! Thanks for addressing this topic. Although it’s probably one of those things that gets pushed to the back burner in the life of a teacher, building relationships is front and centre when it relates to classroom management! As I wrap up 10 years at the same school. I’m thinking about that very topic… how I’ve formed life-long relationships with students and colleagues. A very fond memory I have is playing ice ball soccer with the grade 6’s! Something as simple as that has opened doors through hall way smiles, high 5’s, introductions to parents at the mall. Amazing what a little thing like that does for student teacher relationships!

  2. Totally dig this, Pal.

    My moments in the hallways are THE BEST moments of the day. I look forward to crossing paths with kids that I don’t get to see in the classroom every day. More importantly, I love NOT being the teacher for a while — but instead, just being a caring adult that can share a smile or a story or lend a hand.

    Relationships are what I care the most about anyway — so the spaces where relationships are the only thing that matter are the best spaces in the school.

    BTW: I haven’t forgotten about doing an #eduin30 bit. Just haven’t had the time and the space to get it done this week.

    Hope you are well,

  3. The teacher in me could most definitely relate to this post…supervision duty is part of what I must do. But if I remember the “why” behind it and the benefits that can come from being out on the playground with the kids, it feels completely and positively different. Personal attitude is most definitely a powerful catalyst for change. Positive, connected relationships are the foundation for a caring school environment.

  4. Christina Luce (@ChristinaMLuce)

    This might be one of my favorite pieces. Building relationships is crucial. At our deepest level we look to connect, and having meaning relationships with others. It is truly what fuels us, and it is true for our students as well. Never underestimate the power of relationships to positively impact a student or a colleague, and their desire to embark on a learning journey with you.

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