1. Spot on again George,
    Recent tweets from Will Richardson have me questioning the whole “…ized” concepts in education. Autonomy isn’t “ized”, purpose isn’t “ized”, and creativity isn’t “ized”.
    Like you, Dr. Zhao has stretched my thinking. His explanation and endorsement of entrepreneurial learning fits into this conversation you’ve started. In short, Dr. Zhao suggests schools should be places where learners can explore and develop passions, interests, and abilities with the aim being the enhancements of their unique collection of talents, More here; http://goo.gl/iTUfKw
    Your final point rings true in my mind. In this age of flat organizations, start-ups, free-lancing, and web 3.0, self-determination is the critical piece in helping learners become future-ready.

  2. Chris Quinn

    Hi George,

    If I come to understand how I learn (best), might there be a very real possibility that I fall into the trap of deeply exploring only one way of learning? I’m thinking of our young students who may be discovering and then exploring what is their strength without being willing to move beyond…
    Your thoughts?


  3. I agree. The ‘knowing how you learn’ peice is so essential. Our jobs is teachers is to fill the Buffett table. The kids then chose which strategy will fill them up. Those who don’t eat, starve. We must ensure we find something for those picky eaters.

  4. George,

    This is a fantastic post!

    I work for SOI Systems (Structure of Intellect), a company that focuses on both test and training learning abilities specific to the individual. We feel that being able to focus on the individual is a critical part of learning!

    We are constantly seeing that schools generally teach to one type of learner. We try to explain that there are many different types of learners, primarily figural, symbolic, and semantic. It’s important that our schools support them all.

    Dr. Robert Meeker has written several articles addressing what you have talked about. I think you’ll find them interesting as they tie in to what you’ve addressed above.

    Here are links to a couple of them: http://structureofintellect.com/2014/11/05/intellectual-abilities-training/ and http://structureofintellect.com/2014/12/22/the-two-most-important-variables-in-education/

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