1. I literally just wrote this for an upcoming talk I am doing before clicking on the link to your post:

    “I am going to push you to take a leap and to do things you previously did not think were possible. I have no stake in whether or not you leave here and become a connected educator. You know who has the most at stake? Your kids.”

  2. Hello George,
    As you say, change can be a touchy subject, but why is it scary? In the process you describe I would include a discussion on the perceived barriers to creating change, along with advice and solutions for overcoming those perceptions, or knocking down the barriers of legitimacy. Sometimes, people don’t know where they want to go because they haven’t seen the possibilities. Shining a light on the possibilities will help people map out a path towards change. This is what I see as one of the powerful advantages of socially networked learning – exposure to more possibilities and solutions.
    As, always, thanks for the conversation starter and the forum,

  3. I love the part about moving people from THEIR point A to THEIR point B. This is so important and so often overlooked, in teaching and the world in general. We are all so focused on our own milestones that it can be easy to forget that real progress is measured by where we help others go–and that journey is benchmarked by where they’re starting from.

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