1. This is a great visual. I went back and read your original post. One “thing” I might add to the classroom would be EMBRACING AMBIGUITY – not only the choice of problems but problems that have a challenge / risk to them, ones that are different.

    From Ewan’s TEDx talk, documenting students’ expectations they will be told what to do, to those students looking for a problem already defined (and maybe even solved) when not handed the problem, all too many students seek the easiest route – one that doesn’t include any ambiguity at the start. I’m reminded of a student team that came to my office not long after I had outlined the semester-long project in a Fluid Mechanics course. The assignment was to choose a fluid and use the analysis procedures of the course to explain a situation that was quite common involving that fluid. The team informed me that they had tried hard but they couldn’t think of ANY fluid!!! I sent them away with the comment that I refused to accept their answer!!!!

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