1. Relationships-

    I enjoyed following the Twitter conversation that was going on about the sucky teacher article yesterday. I honestly think that all teachers want to be good, if not great, even if they got into the job because they thought it would be easy. As you said, nobody wants to be terrible. Teachers do start to lose there way for whatever reason, and that’s where the strong relationship building, instructional leader steps in to help guide the ship. With that strong relationship of understanding about what is going on inside and outside their classroom, leaders can differentiate the leading each teacher needs to successful.

    • George

      Thanks Tyler…Totally agree with you. I think it is important that we start by giving people the benefit of the doubt before we make assumptions. I really believe that sometimes leadership has to extend trust before it is earned, and that starts with the assumption that all people want to do well, but sometimes their circumstance or experience may dictate something different. As you said, it is important we “help guide the ship”.

    • George

      Thanks Maria! Good word…you still owe me a Bears game! Hopefully they will be good enough to “enjoy” next year!

  2. My word is “Considerations.” For me, it’s the first, very important, too often neglected part of effective learning – important (required, I’d suggest) for learning to indeed be effective. In turn, this effective learning is critical to effective problem solving to address situations faced. To me, considerations include identifying the learning objective, gathering possibly important, organizing that information while simultaneously assessing importance to the emerging vision, and understanding both the vision itself as well as the links of subtopics within the vision.

    It’s so important to me that the blog I’m organizing (http://johncbennettjr.com ) is titled “Considerations!!!”

  3. Stacey Schmidt


    It sounds so good…but is so hard. For me it’s about simplifying life and not being in perpetual motion. It’s about not always making everything so complicated. And it’s about being empathetic, investing in relationships, enjoying life–and not loosing sight of who I am and who I want to be in the midst of the motion.

    Thanks for the thought provoking article that made me stop and reflect!

  4. Hey Pal,

    First, hope you are well and happy! Always love reading your work simply because it feels genuine to me. You don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve — you wear it on your blog, too, if that’s possible. That’s what I love about you.

    Second, my word for the year is “Topless.”

    Seriously, it is:


    And I have to say that it has been awesome so far. I’ve had more than one moment in just the last few weeks where I felt so much more connected to the people in my own lives than I normally would simply because I am making a conscious decision to avoid devices and be present when I am with people in person.

    I love the connections that my devices enable — but I refuse to let them cheapen the connections I can make with the people who I am with moment by moment in my life.

    Anyway, rock right on,

  5. Great post that got me thinking.
    My word for 2015 is Engaging.

    This has many meanings. Am I engaged in the teaching process? Are my students engaged in the learning process? Are the activities and assignments we are doing in class engaging or are they filler? I want my passion for teaching to come across to the class and that will only happen when I am fully engaged in the process. In so doing I will be creating engaging lesson plans that will energize and engage my students in the learning process. When I am fully engaged I am aware of my student’s needs and know how I can best help them.

  6. Elaine

    I think my word has to be “opportunity”. This year I want to seize every opportunity and not be afraid to try new things.

  7. Great reflection, George. My #onelittleword is inspire. I have to listen well to know each person’s story if I want to inspire them, and in turn, myself.

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