1. Caroline

    A powerful reminder not just for educators, George. Extrodinairy how relevant Charlie Chaplin’s speech still is.

  2. Great point George. After 13 years teaching, I finally took the Tribes training. So amazing for relationship building. Another article I read recently talked about the importance of emotional intelligence. 8/10 job qualities looked for now a days are all of the human element. I got to PEI every summer, and try to limit my social media and replace it with family dinners, sing songs and a round or two of golf.

  3. Hey George,

    Thanks for this, I’m currently in Coetail and am working on (well working on starting) my final project. We are looking at creating emotional connections to other people and places while online. The focus is on building these relationships and moving past connecting for connections sake.

    You’ve summed up a lot of my feelings pretty well, so thanks.

    I’m looking at working with different schools and places, I have some lined up, but if you (or anyone who reads this) has any idea how we can work on developing these relationships (that aren’t just face to face) that’d be great.

    Thanks again.

  4. Terrific George. Your Chaplin quote is wonderful. Time to make sure that humanity is our first goal always. I will share this message with our staff – this is a message they will identify with, especially at our school.

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