1. Great article, I am a Mom currently raising 5, I have seen this want/need for fame and “likes” we have many open conversations about this. I too worry about the ramifications associated with this new childhood obstacle they must learn to navigate. I use a service called uKnowkids to keep me in the loop, it connects me to their digital world in a non invasive, moderator way. That way they know I have their backs without constantly looking over their shoulder. When things go out of bounds we have a conversation, this parenting tool is priceless. We are more connected than ever so I can guide them the best I can through this new digital era!

  2. Kids will always look for affirmation from their peers. The internet now allows them to find their ‘tribe’ as well as some to strive to become famous. Of course this isn’t just a thing with kids, there are plenty of adults in the edublogosphere that love the attention too. I worry about my own daughter (#2) who is dead set on creating a blog with her best friend so they can become famous. I worry that it will happen more than anything, it is a difficult thing to live.

  3. Diane Lauer

    Thanks for this post! It is so important for us to add this layer of thinking to our concentrated approach on digital citizenship that includes personal safety from predators, bullies and our own poor judgement. Today’s tech does allow unprecedented access and opportunities for fame seekers and parenting in this new reality is harder than ever. Hadn’t heard of uKnowkids or Danah Boyd’s “It’s Complicated; The Lives of Networked Teens”!

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