1. Chris Smeaton

    Hey George, you already know I’m a great believer in blogging as a reflective tool. http://wordpress.holyspirit.ab.ca/?p=1236 I’ve never considered it to be my portfolio but I would certainly turn to it if I ever needed one. Regardless of the reason, blogging for professionals and students is just too important not to do!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! It’s great timing, because over at OSSEMOOC, we are coaching and supporting leaders through the process of getting connected and creating a blog: http://ossemooc.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/ten-minutes-of-connecting-day-23-yes-its-time-to-start-your-own-blog/

    We have frequently referred to your work on the subject of blogging as we have prepared our daily “10 minutes to becoming connected” November posts. I especially appreciate your sharing around the idea of “growth” and “best work” when it comes to using blogs as portfolios. I think many leaders are hesitant to share the “growth” part of their thinking, but modelling learning and making thinking visible are essential.

  3. Totally on board with this George. Your original post got me thinking more deeply about blogs as digital portfolios. Then, Silvia Tolisano’s blog( http://goo.gl/yrJBXA ) provided more direction in using posts, pages, and labels to increase digital literacies. Leigh Zietz clarified the concept of “standards referencing” for me (http://goo.gl/ewZ4Dj ). Long story short, my blog has morphed into my professional portfolio; http://goo.gl/t4P5ht
    The reasons you list are certainly valid, but educators should also make their growth and learning transparent so that students can see the benefits of learning relationships and digital contributions to learning. Thanks for pushing this concept into a spotlight! Bob

  4. George- Great reasons for both students and teachers to Blog, but I am always amazed at how many teachers are reluctant to be out in the open, having their Blog viewable to the world. In our ETFO AQ IICT courses, we’ve been trying to get teachers to Blog. Some will, but many will only keep their Blog visible to classmates within the LMS. Any advice for pushing reluctant learners, students and teachers, out into the open, breaking the ice, as it were, into more reflective practice and the into Blog as portfolio?

  5. Lisa Jones

    Hi George
    Great read- you convinced me – but where do I start? Can you recommend the best way to get going with this – remember, I need something for a beginner! (Maybe you need to come back to Lincoln for a workshop on this!)

  6. One advantage to reading blogs are the new ideas. I’ve got a blog and I didn’t think of it as a portfolio, but now I do thanks to this blog…Great..I’ve got some new ideas to add to my blog, not to brag, but to maybe add some more weight to it.

    One thing blogging has taught me is journalism…getting audience, voice and sources right takes on a whole new meaning when you blog, even if only 20 people read it.

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