1. Enjoyed this post, George! Technology is always changing and evolving, and it falls on educators to stay abreast of new tools, even if the ultimate decision is not to use them in the classroom–that should be a decision borne of deliberation rather than ignorance.

  2. Wow, such a great post George! Now that you’ve laid it all out with a perspective allowing me to think about this in a new way, plus what I know from having used Snapchat some and from seeing our kids and their friends use it every day, one way I can think of Snapchat in education that would work is with a student voice. If a student that was more excited about the school than the typical student was asked to create a snapchat account touted as “Best of NameOfYourSchool” and that student (or group of students) would be called into action to record some of the best things as they were happening in classrooms and extracurriculars to share on the account. Use it as a way for other students to see some fun teachers in action, interesting projects being done by students, art, music, and clubs/groups/sports they may not have known about and could choose to steer their path towards once they realize their interest. If this was done at the high school level, another benefit would be that younger students in middle school would definitely follow the account to see the opportunities awaiting them in high school. If being a part of creating this account was actually credited as a class or was structured as a type of journalism/multimedia club there may even be more interest than needed and if students got involved and knew snapchat/vine was an option, they would come up with even better ideas than anything I could ever dream of. =)

  3. Arpan

    I have been very critical and doubtful of the value of snapchat and have had a very jaded view of it knowing that it is often used for sexting. However I was thrilled when last week I came into class dressed in traditional South Asian attire, & a few students immediately greeted me with ” happy Diwali! I asked how they knew about this festival since we had not talked about it in class and they told me they saw the story about Diwali on snapchat which included images of people celebrating the holiday from around the world. I’m not sure how it can be incorporated into the classroom or at school, however I’m more open to it being away to expose students to new ideas that they normally wouldn’t come across and to meet them where they’re at and where they’re spending their time–snapshot.

  4. Peter Brogan

    Great post George and thanks everyone for the comments. Never thought of using snapchat due to reasons others have put forward. Certainly has created a new way of thinking for me regarding this form of media. Will explore more this week with students. Has anyone asked them how it could be used in learning?

  5. I LOVE this! It’s important to get it, even if we don’t get on it! 🙂 A mindset of realizing there are spaces that our students thrive in is vital, vs having a head in the sand mentality.

  6. Ove Christensen

    Take it easy George you’re still young : ) According to Piper Jaffray Companies Twitter is the most popular social media amongst teens. Unfortunately SnapChat is not even mentioned which supports one of the statements from the great video you shared.

    Thanks – I really enjoy reading your blog

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