1. George,
    Thank you for taking this up. I agree completely that we have the ability to reach more people and interact in new and wonderful ways. As educators, we need to embrace these opportunities to make connections with others and help our students to do the same.

    Today, the opportunities have changed and we have many more options to communicate with others.
    We live in a wondrous time for education, despite all the negative attention that it has received lately. The opportunities for learning continue to grow and teachers need to be willing to integrate these into their learning. Like a patient with a pacemaker, the technology is there but the person doesn’t realize it or even notice it. We see example of this more and more, where the decision to use technology is based, not on the “Wow” but on the right fit for the learning experience and the ability to enhance what the person is doing or develop new relationships that help them grow and learn.

    I agree that deep and sustained Isolation is the enemy of innovation but there is also a need for people to be able to slow down enough to think deeply and imagine new ways to doing things. We have the tools and talent but we need to provide the time for all these to come together to allow for innovative ideas to grow. We see pockets of this but it is by no means a regular occurrence and it should be something we see happen regularly. I agree we have the ability to create a culture of innovation and excellence if teachers are allowed the opportunity to foster deeper connections and create deep and meaningful learning with their students.

  2. wendy milne

    I’m just starting this process of becoming a connected learner. About 10 years ago I wrote a dissertation (Reflective Artmaking: Implications for Art Education, Milne) focusing on the isolation many elementary art teachers experience since, typically, they are the only art teacher in the building. When I started teaching 25 years ago, it was quite a lonely place to be without anyone to discuss art education with. I wonder now how my career might have looked if I had the technology to connect with other teachers around the world…..

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