1. Stephanie Baron

    Great article! Indeed we fail our students and our employees when we insist on knowledge transfer rather than empowering them to become innovators.

  2. Monica Robles

    Great article! We need to encourage our learners to be innovators. We need to encourage ours learners to take risks and that it is okay to fail. Failing is a part of life, If you have not failed at something than you are not trying hard enough. To many times students do not want to try something new because it is too hard. We need to stop that kind of thinking and start teaching students to continue to struggle until they find a solution. I agree students have great ideas but quickly get frustrated and give up on their ideas. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. William Sanders

    The Importance of Project Based Learning for the Future…
    I am in a Masters class and we are learning about new tips in education. Below one discusses the importance of Project Based Learning and would appreciate some feedback from veteran educators and potential ones. Thanks-Will Sanders
    There have been many topics discussed in our educational community. However, the one that is of interest to me is the topic of Project Based Learning. Project Based Learning affords the students the opportunity to practice hands-on learning. The students are actually in charge of the entire project. One was able to view a teacher in action as she conducted a high school class covering a project which involved a complex multi-tasked project. The classroom set-up was designed in a workshop/station style. In the beginning of the class, the teacher had the students meditate. Shortly thereafter, the students began covering the agenda for the day and then broke off into groups at different work stations. Fifteen minutes before the end of class, the students reassembled in the middle of the room to assign homework. The homework was not addressed as homework, but addressed as important tasks to complete.
    Some of the advantages of Project Based Learning are the personal and social responsibility students receive. Other advantages include planning, critical thinking, reasoning and creativity. We all have to remember the outcome we as educators want. The goal is to produce a well-rounded student, ready to perform in a high functioning world where technology is forever changing. How important is it for educators to evolve to Project Based Learning? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Project Based Learning for different communities?

  4. Judith Schreiber

    I really enjoyed reading this article. The eight characteristics listed are so important when encouraging students to be innovators, to explore and become learning risk takers. I am a teacher in a masters program and we just discussed the power of reflection on classroom strategies and learning activities that work and those that do not. I read that great teachers are both risk-takers and reflective. This article also confirms that and adds a few more important attributes that describe great educators and what we should be teaching our students.

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