1. Maira Uniforms International

    Being as a parent of 3 young students I think:Kids Health:Food, Lifestyle and physical activities work together to improve physical health. We should never to forget about the mental health because a healthy body has a healthy mind. Stress level should be kicked out or at lease to reduce to maximize the physical health. One has to plan for exercise in the busy routine of life and also spend time with him or herself. The body respond more naturally in its comfort zone; working late hours, fast food, busy life style, increased stress level triggers blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety level and physical mental performance. Children need time to play to excel mentally. http://www.uniformfactory.ae

  2. Robert Schuetz

    Interesting perspective George. I am solidly in Dr. Dweck’s Mindset camp. Much like Maslow’s concept of “self-actualization”, I agree that there can be a higher level mindset that is based upon learning for the sake of others learning. Are you suggesting this capability be used to solve problems for students, or is it used to help students solve their own problems? Mastery, autonomy, and purpose – I appreciate the intrinsic value of finding our own solutions. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I agree that educators can, and should find another level on behalf of their students.

  3. Donna Leigh Preston

    I believe this is something that has been resonating in many educators’ minds. I would be so bold as to say that those who see the field of education as a mission, or calling, have this as a mandate, part of the natural progession with which they lead their students and become relentless in their endevors to create more opportunity. I will say that often times we get lost in the thick of state standards and whatever else you want to give name to… I would hope for the sake of future generations that teachers would see the depth of their impact. That they would set aside the uncomfortable and taxing nature of stepping “beyond” the box and truly start serving students without stopping just outside of growth but continue on by crafting a plan to extend and create change. If we could all be so fortunate to see a student and be moved to go to battle for their education we would be a much different world.
    Thank you for giving change a voice.

  4. Must be something in the water at the moment in regards to innovation. I was also left pondering the topic of innovation this week too. I feel that one of the challenges with innovation is that we often think that it has to be some gigantic leap forward, when in my view there are many teachers who break with their established practises for the benefit of students each and every day http://readingwritingresponding.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/celebrating-innovation-both-big-and.html

  5. […] Recently I explored the notion of the “Innovator’s Mindset”, and have thought a lot about this idea.  As I look to write on the topic of “Leading Innovative Change” within schools, we are looking to develop educators as innovators.  To be innovative, you have to look at yourself as an innovator first, and to create schools that embody this mindset as a “culture”, we must develop this in individuals first. […]

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