1. Janine Campbell

    I get the same feeling anytime I run into people who speak Arabic. Although I am not fluent, I feel an instant connection to them and it instantly makes me miss my Teta and Sido and the big family Christmas parties in my parents living room.

  2. Jamie Salazar

    George, 14 years since my dad passed and there are days I still feel it. Reading the above and imgur, I’m crying thinking and missing my tough little guy:)

  3. Kris McArtor

    Coming up on 4 years since my dad passed – I still miss him every day, every time I smell cows, every time I forget to get my keys out of my pocket before sitting in the car, every time I hug my kids. Thanks, George, for the connection to others in the same boat.

  4. Jon Harper

    George I love this post. I can relate as my dad passed 15 years ago and I miss him everyday. It is so important to be able to cry and share our moments. Sometimes my three year old will say, “Daddies don’t cry” to which I respond “Oh yes they do!” All it usually takes is a Disney movie or a touching video. You may have already read this piece by Terri Eichholz http://engagetheirminds.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/the-king-of-the-island/
    and you have probably already seen this video. But in case you haven’t I figured I’d share it. It was a great piece and a great video and I thought you would appreciate it. Thanks for sharing so openly and have a great day!

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