1. Robert Schuetz

    Terrific suggestions George! Because my learning happens everywhere, and at any time, I use Siri to put my thoughts to notes. I am eagerly awaiting the iWatch to help with my notes on the go. Like you, I love Zite, but I also use Flipboard to sort and share the most relevant of my curating efforts. Like others have said, I write to gain deeper understanding and connect informal learning experiences with formal education practice. I also appreciate when blog comments help me gain new knowledge and perspective.
    I have also followed your earlier suggestion of turning our blogs into professional portfolios by dedicating pages to professional goals and professional growth. This practice supports “unscheduled”, self-directed PD perfectly! My hope is that more educators will find value not only in writing blog posts, but also commenting on other educators thoughts and experiences – the power of Twitter, but with a richer conversation. “If we don’t tell our stories, who will?”
    Thank you for being a blogging role model for so many of us. #StayConnected

  2. […] 1. Read other blogs.  Seems like a common sense idea but it took me to really start reading other blogs before I felt comfortable to share my own voice.   It helped me to some examples of what was being shared and either build upon or challenge ideas.  A lot of people use things like Feedly to help aggregate blogs, but my two favourite “apps” for reading the work of others is Zite on my iPhone or iPad, any InoReader on my computer.” To read further please click here:  https://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/4673 […]

  3. MJLinane

    Thank you for posting this. I just started blogging back in May and it has really changed the way I teach and the way I reflect on teaching. It was by reading blogs like yours that got me into it. You have some really good suggestions! I try to do some of the ones you mentioend like trying to be consistent in my blog timings. It is hard during the summer to keep focused but when I see others like you doing it, I want to keep up. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

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