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  1. Lorraine Boulos

    You have hit on so many important points!
    1. It is so important to differentiate for our learners – whether adults or children – they each approach the learning task with a different set of skills and experiences.
    2. Because each learner is different, they may each have different learning goals or different hopes for their learning outcomes. And that is ok. While we often learn best when we learn together, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are each learning the same things. We may be each getting something different from the experience. It is important to ensure that the learners take time to establish their learning goals as part of the learning experience.
    3. We are most motivated when we are aware of the learning taking place – when we see movement towards our goal. It’s like being on a diet and stepping on the scale. When we see that number go down, we are so motivated to continue! It is so important to make that learning visible. We need to constantly be looking at where we were in relation to where we are now.
    4. Sometimes we need someone else to point out what we did to make that learning happen. In order to have a growth mindset we need to see the learning as a result of something we did, not something that was done to us. We need to see ourselves as responsible for the learning.
    5. I always am told “Go with the goers”. But in my opinion, the “goers” are going to get there with or without me. If I am any good at what I do I should be able to light a fire in the “resistors” or the “non-starters”. They need me most.
    Thanks for the reflective post!

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