1. Clap, clap, clap. I just said some of these things this week. Start with the why. Lead the way. I should have told a story. Michael Margolis has a storytelling manifesto for change-makers called, “Believe Me” with some excellent ideas about how to sell your story: http://www.believemethebook.com/. It is about the people, and we best sell them something they can use.

  2. zecool

    Bravo, George! Your writings just keep on inspiring me. And to all these great points I’d add “Draw up a plan together; keep it simple, but daring.” And then, like captain Jean-Luc Picard says so eloquently, “Engage!”

  3. Jai

    The very last two sentiments of your writing is remarkably powerful. I am always challenged to find my voice platform and inspire action as an assistant principal to nudge the process for change that recognizes the teacher ‘people’ factor among the ‘stuff’ imposed agenda. Have you been an assistant principal before?

  4. George, you perhaps meant to use “elicit” as a way to evoke emotion, rather than “illicit” to imply illegal or nefarious.
    Thank you for your post,
    Miguel Guhlin

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