1. Kay Abernathy

    Thanks, George, for sharing these stories and giving me an opportunity to inspire others, too.

  2. Susan Spellman Cann

    The power of the internet to heal… thanks for sharing … think we will do this … what a powerful way to make a difference

  3. Ann S. Michaelsen

    Thanks for sharing, beautiful example of using technology to touch people!

  4. […] In “A Voice for Everyone”, George Couros shared a video about students in Brazil trying to learn English. As the video states, most of these students will not get a chance to leave Brazil to study and speak English with native English speakers. However, in the video, they created a new technology for the students in Brazil to contact native English speakers in English-speaking countries, specifically the United States. One last incredible fact: these English speakers are members of a retirement community in Chicago. I love this idea because even though the students do not leave the country, they still get an experience they could never have in a traditional English class. Some members of the retirement community may not have family close enough to visit them, and getting the chance to speak with a young student will brighten their day. The learning that will take place on both sides of the screen is a learning experience unlike any other, and I hope more schools utilize this new technology. […]

  5. Jennifer Hidy Pitts

    Collaboration and connection, two of my favorites paired together! Thanks so much for sharing this. I love learning of others great ideas. They help to fuel my own.

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