1. “Humanize” is such a great book! I definitely believe that technology and social media can help us as educators to connect with others. One of the best lines from the book reads, “One of the reasons social media has grown so fast is that it taps into what we, as human beings, naturally love and need and want to do–create, share, connect, relate” (p. 3). If educators use technology and social media correctly, it can be a very powerful tool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Technology has shifted from games and tools that used to isolate us, to social connections that extend our reach.

    I started to really connect with you on Connected Principals… While I was living in China!

    I shared each of your personal stories mentioned above, and in the few times we’ve met f2f I have shared stories with you as I would with a friend I’ve known ‘forever’. How different that would have been 20 years ago… And no, we likely wouldn’t have been pen pals! 😉

  3. Preach on brother! Maddie and I are always grateful for the non-stop plugs you’ve given to our writing and thinking. We can’t think of a better ambassador than you!

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