1. Andrea Fitzau

    Great article. I worried I was posting too many pictures of my son on Facebook until a family gathering at Christmas. Uncles, aunts, cousins and even a great uncle commented on how much they appreciate seeing my little guy grow up. My uncle even went so far as to ‘toast’ FB at dinner. It has reconnected him in ways he never thought possible. The family is able to ask my son about his vacations, forts, and dress up play. They can have conversations about Batman and Star Wars because they know his interests. My extended family may only get together once or twice a year but we are still very connected. As a Kindergarten teacher I have embraced Twitter, Skype and student blogging this year. Thanks to my mentor @mauimickey and #kinderchat Like you, I too feel connected to people I have never met face to face. My students love to blog and show their parents what they created with Lego or wrote about in their journals. We have shared weather stories with a class in Newfoundland and Skyped with a K class in South Carolina. So yes, I agree… take advantage of what technology has to offer!

  2. Simon Miller

    Another great article George. I like how it focused on the technology being a comfortable starting point & how regardless of the social tendency of the person, technology can meet a lot of needs and fill gaps. It had me thinking about how video conferencing apps like Google Hangout, Skype, and others are fusing the “in person” and online relationships. Thanks for making me think.

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