1. Victoria Miliucci

    I enjoyed reading this article and agree with your sentiments. So often we focus on the negatives, which makes them more likely to happen. I am a soccer player, and there was one piece of advice from my coach that has stuck with me as a life lesson. He told me that when the ball is coming to you, instead of thinking “don’t mess up, don’t mess up!” (because then that will probably happen) you must think of what you are going to do with the ball – focus on the positive. When we concentrate on what we can do, then great things can happen.

    Young people often don’t understand the full consequences of their actions until it is too late – that is probably how many of us learned growing up. Even though we can teach them what is right and wrong, they will ultimately make their own decisions.

    Hopefully by empowering them to do something good in the world, they will more actively pursue positive actions on the internet and social media.

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