1. Mary M

    “It’s almost like we are treating them like children”… would it be okay to teach children this way? There’s a saying: we accept the [love] we think we deserve…so on this note, the question is also, “would you like to be a student in your own classroom?” The answer could be no or it could be yes but if it is yes, is it yes via face-saving Ego or via Empathy? And where there’s a relationship rule that advises to avoid the use of saying ‘always’ and ‘never’…never mind it in a classroom; Always ask, “What can I change about myself to be better to a child?” Never feel so confident as to not ask your students, “what can I do differently to make you happier while learning in my class?” A classroom is a team and so all have a say in the Way as it’s everyone’s day in their own life. Someone’s attention is a precious thing and it’s an honour to have it. Always remember, it’s precious and impressionable. Kids don’t forget how teachers make them feel. The Subject = Teacher. You = _______ . Be genuine. Please don’t demand respect by being fearsome, earn it with effort of being tendfull helpful and don’t be contemptuously sarcastic because that isn’t anyone’s real self and it sends the wrong message to an innocent mind..it confuses and teaches manipulation. Does this make any sense?

  2. AJ Juliani

    That video was like a Saturday Night Live skit making fun of PD. I actually cannot believe it really happened.

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