1. Robert Schuetz

    As usual, you are right on the money George! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. It’s hard to argue that relationships matter, yet I’ve lived through an era when principals insisted that the learning skills section of the report card NOT include comments about the student as a person. Like a pendulum, the expectations for the content of learning skills has traveled from one side to the other. I’ve had principals insist that “nothing personal” be included, and I’ve had principals insist that the learning skills comment be completely personalized. Funny when most people would agree that who a student is as a person is indeed important.

  3. John Pavao

    Schools and education are all about relationships, engaging others through extra-curricular/enriching opportunities and a sense of community that is respectful and supportive. Values and beliefs that tend to always come up in discussions around educational aims and the “big picture” but need to be modeled and shared on a daily basis within our schools.

  4. Ryan

    Definitely right on target. The opportunity to play sports kept me going in school. I hate to see places where they are cutting back on extra curricular activities. As a teacher I couldn’t agree more with the importance of relationships. I see it all the time when some small connection with a kid sparks a little extra effort from them in the class. Thanks for the thoughts.

  5. Tom Whitford

    Excellent post George!! If we stick with the basics we will get them there. By the way, if my staff reads this, they just need to come and say Surprise to me and they will get a free scoop of the day at Culvers!!

  6. Christina Luce

    Not sure how I missed this one…Relationships are so incredibly important, and so often forgotten. There is also a tremendous interplay of relationships with the other two things you mentioned as well. Great post.

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