1. Marcello L Mongardi

    The culture of fear of mistakes is so deeply ingrained. It is a real roadblock to learning, in many ways. The most damaging way is that that fear can prevent students from sharing their learning with others (often their parents are the ones who are scared of letting them be vulnerable). I come up against this all the time. It’s a tough one. Modeling “failure” and how you can learn from it is a full time practice. I provide myself with plenty of opportunities to model the latter part every day, with no effort at all.

  2. Margaret Haviland

    George, I decided the only way I was going to survive my stint as interim Principal was to own my mistakes and declare them whenever necessary. And for this brief equivalent to a honeymoon, I can even take “credit” and own other’s mistakes taking the heat so to speak for them. I had a great peer coach a few years back ask me to consider what can be gained by giving up the high ground and starting a difficult conversation with a heartfelt apology.

    I am realizing how to embrace this as a healthy approach when I step back down the hall to my normal job as Directory of Teaching and Learning , responsible for professional development, curriculum integration and faculty evaluations. I can’t wait.

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