1. Sara Lewis

    I 100% agree! As with any assignment, with or without technology, engagement doesn’t happen without meaningful objectives. I have found great success and failures with technology lessons for my 5th graders with 1 to 1 netbooks. Effective technology integration doesn’t happen without sufficient preparation on the teacher’s part!

  2. Tom D'Amico

    George, I agree – a worksheet – is a worksheet – is a worksheet – whether electronic or on paper – and neither stimulate learning or higher order thinking @TDOttawa

  3. Even engaging, stimulating activities, integrating tech, aren’t always enough to get all students into that “flow” state. I keep finding that with some middle school aged kids, 11 to 14, socializing and using tech in off task ways (in other words, getting distracted) will happen even when they are given a highly engaging challenge such as creating a commercial showing how people have impacted a specific biome. Making videos about a real issue seems fun and engaging to me but socializing and getting distracted won out. It’s enough to drive this teacher insane. 🙂

    • Jessica McMahon

      Can you find a way to embrace those interests? How can you use socializing with technology with student?

      • How indeed? In the example I mentioned kids were working in small teams. So they could have discussed the topic and how best to create their commercial but instead some talked about other things and either didn’t complete their commercial video or slapped a quick, rushed, poorly-done one in the end. I keep thinking that in all we do we can lead our students to learning our content but how do we get them thirsty enough to drink it?

  4. Bill Ferriter

    I dig it, Buddy.

    The notion that technology is automatically engaging is ridiculous — and yet it still drives so many of our instructional and purchasing decisions in schools.

    Made this a few years back:


    Sick of hearing about the next revolutionary #edtech tool. They don’t exist.

    Hope you’re well…

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