1. Jon Samuelson

    Totally agree with this, George. I always try to say hello, or make a thoughtful comment to each student as I pass them in the hallway. It is amazing how much kids appreciate that. It is a simple thing to do each day, that can have a positive impact.

  2. Carol Mack

    I haven’t ever commented on a blog before, but as a retired principal, I have to say that I felt success in my job because I always interacted with every child I saw. I had bus “duty” every day but always saw it as a joy to wave goodbye to the buses and to say good bye to each child as they left the school. Thank you for articulating this so beautifully!

  3. Catherine Smith

    I also try and learn as many names as possible. Not always easy, but it helps to show students that you are interested in them. (Knowing staff names and interests is important too).

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