1. Barry Dyck

    Agreed. I’d like to ask my division trustees a few questions in a sharing circle format.
    What is one of your most lasting impressions of a time in school?
    What is one thing you wish had been different in your school experience?
    Based on your life-path experiences what is at least one thing you think that students should know?

  2. Marcello L Mongardi

    Hi George,

    I came across this idea as a revelation last year whilst attending an Adaptive Schools training session. A great deal of emphasis is put on asking questions, paraphrasing, being mindful of your listening habits, etc. All these are tools to let someone understand that they are being heard, therefore giving your own ideas a soft landing place in their mind. Then I came across this quote by David Augsburger, which I like and think to be absolutely true in my experience:

    “Being heard
    is so close to being loved
    that for the average person,
    they are almost indistinguishable.”

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