• As I knew there was a revised Bloom's Taxonomy, the post is more about ensuring that we look at how we create questions and implementing critical thinking techniques. It is about simplifying critical thinking so people outside education would understand the process. I do appreciate you posting the revised list. Thanks!

  1. […] Bloom’s Taxonomy and a Pen « The Principal of Change As our school division works on AISI project on Critical Thinking (Alberta Initiative for School Improvement), we are focusing on higher level thinking strategies within our classroom. From the time I started university, we have talked about Bloom’s taxonomy and known the importance of higher level questions. (tags: taxonomy bloom’s) […]

  2. This couldn't be a more timely post, I am developing a session for some pre-service teachers about incorporating technology into instruction and we are going to look at the Bloom's taxonomy. Thanks for helping to establish a mindset for me 🙂

  3. Mike Cullum

    I was at my sister's house trying to fix her screen door latch. I took it apart and discovered that a tiny spring was broken. I was set to go to the hardware store when my sister had a flash of insight. She picked up a ballpoint pen, took it apart and handed me the spring. After lots of fiddling I was able to attach the pen to the latch and the door was fixed! An example of a solution synthesized from an analysis of the parts of the pen. One area where we often fail in our classrooms is thinking outside of the box. If we really understand something like the pen, we can come up with lots of other uses for that pen, only a few of them having to do with writing.

  4. I made up magnetic puzzle pieces for each of Bloom's levels and put them on the board. We encourgage students to make connections throughout the week and categorize the connection as an "understanding connection" " evaluating connection" etc. They get to connect the appropriate puzzle piece – the goal is to have the entire puzzle connected by the end of the lesson, week or unit.

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