1. Tim Vagle

    No greater compliment to a leader than to watch others embody your vision…make it there own…and share it with others. Early in my career I thought my “fingerprint” will leave with me and the school/company will never survive without me…now my goal is to leave so many “fingerprints” it will be like I never left. Thank you so much for the reassurance and affirmation’s from your sessions at TIES2013 George, fantastic!
    Keep Pushing Forward….Our Kids Are!

  2. FDRSecondaryUpdates

    We all know leaders who have been much loved however when they left, they took the “keys to the castle” with them, and ultimately the school suffered. I’ve always said, the chair (they systems, the practices, the “way” we see our work in a school) is more important than the bum that sits in it … Thanks George, all the best
    Chris Akin, Secondary Principal
    The American School of Lima – Peru

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