1. projectpupil

    We know that parents are one of the critical participants in any child’s education- no matter what age. Parents/family can shape attitudes, complement learning that happens at school, sometimes downright cheerleaders of school’s endeavors. After all, most of the parents were once students.

  2. Derek Hatch

    Hey George, great piece! I think that if we are going to ask kids, “What did you learn today?” that we should be prepared to answer the same question. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new. Parents are an essential part of the learning process and their role should never go unappreciated. As admin, we spend a great amount of time speaking with parents – after all, they are experts when it comes to their own children.
    I love the idea of parent learning sessions at school…especially with social media.
    Thanks for the post. Have a great weekend.

  3. activekath

    I really appreciated this post – it got me to thinking with my own new ideas. I’m not an administrator, but I’ll be if I implemented some of the ideas here with my own twists, with the parents of my students, the parents will feel more connected. The “circle of learning & responsibility” as I like to call it – btw student-parent-facilitator is crucial not just to learning, but a good and healthy atmosphere in the development of young people. I’m all up for that!

  4. Penny et al

    Hmmm here’s a thought for Bringing Parents into the Learning Process – Ask them how. No one has ever asked me for suggestions, I’m always just told what they’re going to do….

  5. PlaSmart

    Your ideas about using social media to connect with parents are
    very interesting. It sounds like a great way to keep parents informed and it
    will be interesting to see how the parents will interact.


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