1. Richard Galloway

    Love that quotation by Rosabeth – that’s a whole can of worms right there not just with education but work and life as well… but I digress. A great piece, very timely for me as head back to teaching. The tools you suggest are one’s I have already discovered but thought you may find Feedly.com useful for aggregating all your feeds. (More info here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feedly )

  2. Bill Ferriter

    Hey Pal,

    First, here’s to hoping that you are well! It’s been awhile since we’ve crossed paths.

    Second, I’m thinking about you this holiday season. Hope it’s full of smiles for both you and your family.

    Finally, great bit. Thanks for sharing the practices that make people creative. It’s got me thinking about the steps that I should be taking to encourage creativity in my own classroom with my own students.

    While I do most of the things on your list as well — and while I KNOW it makes me a more creative practitioner — I rarely teach those kinds of practices to my students or take the time in class to allow them to wrestle with those behaviors.

    That’s a failure on my part….

    Rock right on,

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