1. Robert Schuetz

    This PD structure is terrific George. I agree that the 1-on-1 learning format works best for most staff members. We are just embarking on this methodology. I am encouraging participating teachers to create and share an ePortfolio that highlights their growth and reflective practice. What do you think of using blogs as ePortfolio platforms? Thanks for the spark and the validation.

  2. Aileen Peterson

    Thanks for working with our staff today. They are always incredibly energized after a day like this, and confident to use their learning in their classrooms and share with others!

  3. Sue Waters

    Hi George

    I really love this approach to sharing what was covered in each 1-to-1 session! Hopefully others will take taking a similar approach. For someone like me it helps me know what they want to know more about, allows me (and others) to provide our tips and help, and it helps us learn!

    For example, I hadn’t thought about uploading the videos to Google Drive and then embedding them into posts. A lot of our schools use Google apps schools and this makes it easy for them!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sue Waters

  4. Oscar Vairo

    Thanks George for sharing. In my leadership role I am making effort in helping my staff improve professionally but also trying to adopt the culture of sharing. I found your post really valuable for me. Thanks a lot!

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