1. Robert Schuetz

    What if free, public education was optional, but students showed up to school every day because it was so engaging and fulfilling?

  2. Caroline Picard

    What if all learners in the school were engaged in sharing meaningful ideas, passions and talents?

  3. David Hochheiser

    What if we admitted that today’s solution may not suffice tomorrow or deeper into the future?
    What if I was well prepared and proactive in finding out that I’m the one who needs to figure out how to adapt?

  4. Debbie Fucoloro

    What if the time educators spent on informal professional learning was honored? Thanks for this inspirational and thought provoking post, George!

  5. azjd

    Awesome George…love the post.

    What if we assume the best of students, parents, challenges, and ourselves?

    Thanks for inspiring buddy!

  6. Dwight Carter

    What if we treated everyone as if they are good? What if every student was well know by at least one staff member at school?

  7. Rhea Woolgar

    What if we acted as though everything was a possibility?
    What if we valued all learners for their specific talents and aptitudes and cultivated those?

  8. Justin Featherstone MC

    What if we actually focused on learning and individually-tailored personal development rather than treating assessment by formal examination as the endstate?

  9. Justin Featherstone MC

    Discover – Dream – Design – Deliver. These are the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and should be how we approach education so individual children and young people are not marginalised and face life hobbled.

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