1. Tom Murray

    Perfectly said, George. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Eric and the incredible influence that he’s had on so many; most importantly the children that he serves at NMHS.

  2. George, this is an AMAZING post. Echoing Tom’s comment. I couldn’t agree more. The work that is being done in a building such as New Milford shows that you don’t need a new flashy stadium with fancy boxes to win a Super Bowl. Put time and energy into building a community and great things will follow. The students that were at Edscape were amazing to talk to and work with and both Eric and the students are lucky to have each other. I wish all students could be as lucky to have a principal as awesome as Eric.

  3. Christina Luce

    What a great reflection, especially the take-aways. Investing in people is such a critical piece, that I feel can be often neglected. It doesn’t take long to figure out that Eric, really is “the real deal,” it is in the way that he interacts with colleagues, students, and relative strangers.

  4. Ad Astra Education

    You’re both inspirational leaders, and it’s twice as nice when you’re together at a conference. I’m really looking forward to getting a tour of New Milford HS and seeing how they do things on a day to day basis

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