1. Great insight George. Just a little pushback on ‘saving time’. I think sometimes things that are easier for educators are perceived as better for students, and a lot of things that ‘save time’ are actually not what is best for kids. Further to that, often trying something new (and different) is front-end loaded with effort and learning and time consumption, so again the ‘saving time’ message is not perceived or well received.
    That said I love the concept of different, not more (such as more formative assessment, less grading of tests and quizzes). I also love the idea that different may not be better and that we need to be asking ourselves ‘is this better for our students?’ as we try different strategies and tools.

  2. gormang

    Very good article and very simple rules to remember. If you can demonstrate those three things then it certainly makes the transition of change easier. And see I will comment whether I’m mentioned or not.

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