1. Matt Armstrong

    Thanks for sharing George. I completely agree, there are so many opportunities for us to celebrate what is taking place in out schools. 180 Days of Learning being one such example. I believe that as teachers we have a responsibility, along with students to help shape our school or district narrative. I blogged about this last week at http://www.leadingandlearning.ca

  2. Maureen Devlin

    Thanks for sharing. It opens my mind to new ways for sharing. I’ve opened up a blog for children to publish and share their stories, and I recently started using Proshow which makes it easy to turn school smart phone photos into a quick little video with nice music. I may try this video share idea someday too Thanks.

  3. EdTechSandyK

    This is so engaging! I have no connection to this school but was quickly drawn in by the fact that students were giving the report. I wanted to know what the K-5th graders were doing, and was curious as to which former teacher the students might give a shout-out to. There is so much community building here – principal and students sharing out to connect with families, students giving props to their former teachers at the principal’s prompting to build up teachers, students being recognized for what they are studying in class.

    I wonder what the time investment was in creating this video? Whatever it was, it was definitely worth it! Thanks so much for sharing, George!

  4. Rafranz Davis

    I could watch that video over and over and over! LOVED this! I can’t wait to share this with my school! With that said, our community would never allow it. We have parents that fight against posting online…period. However, we do have a few progressive principals would I think could pull it off. Thank you for sharing this.

    Also, I learned how to pronounce the name of his school. WIN!

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