1. Dave Black

    I am wondering if this is only part of the issue. While being a continuous learner is essential, there is also value in having the mindset of constantly sharing with others as well. To me, if your media presence is clearly doing both, then yes, this candidate would have an advantage from my perspective. If the candidate is both learning and sharing, then that is likely to be the type of leader I want in my building.

  2. Rhoni McFarlane

    “It is also important (to me) that someone is willing to model the learning that they want to see in their students.”

    I think this is the key for me. I want teachers/leaders to be a model of what they expect of their students/staff. My questions would include; “how do you model the risk taking, creativity and learning that you want from your students?”
    We can’t have two sets of values, one for kids and one for teachers.

  3. Robert Schuetz

    Hello George. I agree with the direction that you are taking this. I might also ask, “Who are you reading these days?” The “who” indicating connection, and the reading supporting the “sponge” mindset. I would also consider asking to see their “digital footprint” or examples of PLN contributions. Once again, this would provide indications of connectedness and sharing. All else being equal, I would choose the connected learner / educator. I believe it is nearly impossible to stay educationally relevant without PLN connections, particularly as we move forward in this age of unlimited access to information.

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