1. Michelle Ament

    I connected with the idea of evaluating where teachers are with new technologies on a spectrum of literate, adaptive to transformative. Just yesterday my team was planning what we might present to teachers at an upcoming staff meeting. We threw around ideas to showcase a new app or Chrome extension, furthering developing their technology toolkit. While these new apps would benefit teachers we paused and reflected upon the apps they were currently using. Recognizing teachers will literate with the Notability app, but not adaptive and it hadn’t yet been transformative for teachers. We created a presentation which we hope will take teachers learning around the use of Notability to the next level. This idea of depth with professional learning resonates with me and must be central to our thinking when evaluating our initiates and new learnings. Thanks George!

  2. Stacey Schmidt

    You nailed it with this one! Wish I had read this post two years ago…
    Looking forward to that book!

  3. Erin Schiller

    Google Apps and Digital Portfolios have been two passions that I have taken on this year as well and have appreciated learning and reading how other schools are helping to use these digital tools to emphasize the global learning in your schools! Thank you for sharing how you used Google Apps and Digital Portfolios as a focus for your students in your initial rollout of digital learning with your staff. I think the idea of a blog for your students K-12 is a purposeful and collaborative way for students to connect with each other’s learning!!

  4. Natasha Daly

    I really resonated with the idea of giving teachers too much. New technology can be so overwhelming. Really developing skills in 2-3 areas sounds more logical than throwing hundreds of free apps and ideas at teachers. But while, we might only encourage 2-3 areas, it is so important to continue to push and support those who are ready to move forward. Thanks for an insightful post!

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